Camping with a Twist: Unique and Unconventional Camping Experiences Around the World

Desert Camping

It’s pretty normal in Australia to get away for a long weekend for a traditional camping trip, complete with four-wheel drive, awnings, fridges, roof-top tents or swags and decked out with big fire pits, folding chairs and plenty of noise from kids or other campers. While our focus here at Boho Road Trip is normally on the quieter, more ambient and comfortable versions of this style of camping, there’s another, more adventurous camp option that we could also try.

Many adventurous campers are seeking out unconventional and offbeat experiences that offer a unique twist on outdoor accommodation, from sleeping in a suspended treehouse to camping underwater, these unconventional camping experiences push (or cross) the boundaries of traditional camping, but do what good camping should - offer travellers an unforgettable journey into and deeper connection with the great outdoors. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most unique and quirky camping experiences around the world, highlighting businesses that offer these one-of-a-kind adventures while focusing on environmentally friendly practices.

1. Treehouse Camping

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping and the rustle of leaves overhead as you spend the night in a cosy treehouse nestled high above the forest floor. Treehouse camping offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature while enjoying the comforts of a beautifully crafted treehouse.

One such example is the Treehotel in Sweden, where guests can stay in architecturally stunning treehouses suspended amidst the forest canopy.

These eco-friendly treehouses are designed to blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings, offering a sustainable and immersive camping experience. You can check them out here.

2. Desert Glamping

For travellers seeking a touch of luxury in the heart of the desert, desert glamping offers the perfect blend of adventure and comfort. Picture yourself lounging in a plush tent under the starlit sky, surrounded by the otherworldly beauty of the desert landscape.

One notable example is the luxury desert camp at Wadi Rum in Jordan, where guests can experience the magic of the desert in style.

These eco-friendly glamping tents are equipped with modern amenities and sustainable features, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the desert while minimizing their environmental impact. Get more details here.

3. Underwater Camping

For those with a watery sense of adventure, underwater camping offers a truly immersive experience unlike any other! Imagine drifting off to sleep surrounded by the serene beauty of an underwater world, with colourful marine life swimming past your tent. While underwater camping may seem like a far-fetched idea, there are actually a few underwater hotels and accommodations around the world that offer this unique experience.

One such example is the Manta Resort in Zanzibar, where guests can stay in an underwater room with panoramic views of the surrounding coral reef. You can see more info here. These eco-friendly underwater accommodations are designed to minimize their impact on the marine environment, allowing guests to enjoy a truly unforgettable underwater camping experience.

4. Ice Hotel Camping

For travellers who aren't afraid of the cold, ice hotel camping offers a magical winter experience unlike any other. Picture yourself snuggled up in a cozy sleeping bag inside a beautifully sculpted ice hotel, surrounded by intricate ice sculptures and glittering chandeliers.

One of the most famous ice hotels in the world is the ICEHOTEL in Sweden, where guests can stay in artfully crafted ice rooms and suites. These eco-friendly ice hotels are constructed using natural ice and snow, and they melt back into the environment each spring, leaving no trace behind. Check it out here.

5. Hobbit Hole Camping

Step into the magical world of Middle Earth with hobbit hole camping, where guests can stay in charming underground dwellings inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic hobbit houses. There's the actual movie set version, called Hobbiton, in New Zealand, but there's no accomodation there unfortunately. But an example of one you can stay in is in the Shire of Montana in the United States, where guests can stay in cosy hobbit holes nestled into the rolling hills of the countryside.

These eco-friendly hobbit holes are built using sustainable materials and blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings, offering a whimsical and enchanting camping experience. See more here.

6. Treetop Tent Camping

For travellers who want to take their camping experience to new heights, treetop tent camping offers a thrilling adventure suspended high above the forest floor. Picture yourself sleeping in a comfortable sphere nestled among the trees, with panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

One example is Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island, Canada, where guests can stay in spherical treehouse pods suspended from the trees, which you can see more about here.

This eco-friendly treetop accomodation is designed to minimise their impact on the forest ecosystem, offering a unique and sustainable camping experience.

7. Cliffside Camping

For adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, cliffside camping offers an exhilarating experience perched on the edge of a sheer cliff overlooking breathtaking vistas. One such example is Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru, where guests can stay in transparent pods suspended from the side of a cliff in the Sacred Valley.

These eco-friendly cliffside pods are accessed via a thrilling via ferrata climb, offering unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape. See more here.


These unique and unconventional camping experiences offer travellers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while enjoying the comforts of modern amenities. From treehouse camping to underwater accommodation, these eco-friendly camping options push the boundaries of traditional camping and offer unforgettable adventures for outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

By choosing environmentally friendly accommodation and supporting businesses that prioritise sustainability, travellers can minimise their environmental impact while enjoying unique and memorable camping experiences in some of the most beautiful destinations on earth.

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