We have very stringently researched and selected environmentally sustainable products, which have used innovative, recycled or remanufactured materials. These are such technologies as upcycled cotton, rPET from collected plastic bottles, compostable bio-plastics, rubber literally removed from landfill, sustainable bamboo, or Australian organic fabrics using no pest chemicals and significantly less water needing to be pumped up from the Great Artesian Basin.

We love Earth the way it is, with sea levels where they are and without the natural disasters that seem to be more and more commonplace – so we are doing what we can to make our carbon footprint as small as possible.

We are also proud to be partnered with Sprout and support their amazing climate solutions projects around the world. Through this partnership, we pay for one new tree to be planted for every order received in our shop, and at no extra cost to our customer. We are currently working on other partnerships as well to reduce our impact on the environment and aim to go a step further to actually become carbon negative. There are lots of ways we can all help!

There are some products on the market that are still the only option for their corner of the camping and road tripping world, but are not clear with respect to ethical or environmental transparency. In extremely limited cases, we have decided to list such uniquely positioned products if they are the only option that we can find for their purpose, but are ourselves currently developing our versions of these products to replace them, that will put yours and our values front and centre. As these products are created and ready for public testing and feedback, we will be advising our subscribers, so they can be involved in helping to shape change in some tricky areas of this industry.