We’re proud to say that many of our products are fair trade or Australian Made, as we believe that no matter how small a contribution to a better world that we as individuals can make, it is worth the effort – and it DOES make a difference.

Where our brands have products manufactured overseas, the suppliers have confirmed that workers are not exploited and instead are ensured of fair work standards and pay. In fact, in most cases, they are made in small villages where our Australian brand owners or representatives are actually personal friends with, or even related to the families that make the products. It is our goal to support cottage industry and ensure that the right people are rewarded, instead of wealth stopping at multi-nationals or middlemen.

The workers that manufacture the products that are proudly Australian Made have the protection of Australian law, incorporating the social responsibility that we almost unconsciously enjoy in Australia, which ensures that workers are properly looked after and have legal remedies if these laws are ever breached.
There are some products on the market that are still the only option for their corner of the camping and road tripping world, but are not clear with respect to ethical or environmental transparency. In extremely limited cases, we have decided to list such uniquely positioned products if they are the only option that we can find for their purpose, but are ourselves currently developing our versions of these products to replace them, that will put yours and our values front and centre. As these products are created and ready for public testing and feedback, we will be advising our subscribers, so they can be involved in helping to shape change in some tricky areas of this industry.