The Versatility of Thai Triangle Cushions

Thai triangle cushions are versatile and can be used in various settings to add very functional comfort and a touch of flair. Here are some common places and occasions where Thai triangle cushions find their utility.

Home Decor

Thai triangle cushions make for unique, functional and eye-catching additions to your home decor. Place them on the floor or sofas, poufs or beds to give a structured backrest at the angle you need, such as creating stadium seating in a lounge room, or for use on a sofa without a backrest that's against a wall, you can create your own seat! They also introduce a touch of Thai cultural aesthetics to your living space.

Thai triangle pillow in the house

Meditation and Yoga

The ergonomic design of Thai triangle cushions provides excellent support for meditation and yoga practices. Their firm yet comfortable structure helps maintain a proper sitting posture during meditation sessions or yoga practice. Having the option to have one two or three layers of flat cushion gives you variability of softness for your seated positioning, and many people still use the triangle cushion end to aid posture and allow a deeper practice.

Lounging and Relaxation

Whether you're watching TV, reading a book, or simply lounging around, Thai triangle cushions offer comfortable support. Their unique shape allows for various sitting and reclining positions, making them perfect for relaxation. Being so portable that they can be taken in the nomad van, or easily carried outside to the verandah or in campsites means being able to create a seat literally anywhere! So many options for relaxing. 

Outdoor Seating

Take your Thai triangle pillows outdoors and use them for picnics, garden gatherings, or patio seating. Their lightweight design and portability make them easy to carry and arrange in outdoor settings. With their solid construction stitching and hardy fabric, the Thai cushions are able to be used wherever you might want outdoors around the house, on the patio, verandah or in the yard, they will withstand constant use and location shifts.

Thai triangle pillow on the beach

Floor Seating in Dining Areas

Use Thai triangle cushions as floor seating around low tables or coffee tables for a unique, cosy and simple dining experience. This setup is reminiscent of traditional Thai dining practices and can create a much more communal atmosphere, especially in such settings as a bell tent or even kids' rooms.

Children's Play Areas

The vibrant colours and comfortable design make Thai triangle pillows appealing for children's play areas. They can be used for seating or as makeshift forts and play structures too, as the structural integrity of the flat cushions and the triangle cushion are very strong and well made to hold hold its form in many positions.

Spa and Wellness Spaces

Thai triangle cushions can be incorporated into spa and wellness spaces for relaxation areas or seating in waiting rooms. Their unique design adds a touch of cultural authenticity to these environments. These are often used on the floor of verandahs in coastal health retreats as they enable the clients to relax with a backrest, watching the beach and feeling connection to Earth.

Camping and Travel

This is our main vibe! When camping or travelling, Thai triangle cushions can serve as portable seating options, whether in a van, caravan or large tent or on one of our sturdy recycled plastic mats around the camp site or picnic set up. Their lightweight nature and compact design, as well atheir ability to be folded as you need to pack in even tight spots in the car really do make them convenient for on-the-go comfort.


Remember that the versatility of Thai triangle cushions lies in their adaptability to various settings, and their use is not limited to specific scenarios. Their unique design and cultural significance make them suitable for a wide range of purposes, allowing you to incorporate them creatively into different aspects of your life.

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